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Kevin Stephens

“ I make bracelets for men whose confidence  comes from grit and gratitude. 

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Kevin's  Profile

Image by Wim Arys
Image by Wim Arys
My style and perspective is influenced by Indian aesthetics around symmetry and geometry. 


I spent the last 16 years living and working in India on my handcrafted furniture business, which is still ongoing. While working with master carpenters and other artisans, I discovered a unique insight on how different components come together to create a whole, finished piece with a unified aesthetic.

Translating this insight from designing furniture into designing and making men’s bracelets on my own is a meditation for me both in determination and gratitude. I love the process of laying out the design, and experimenting with different gemstones, textures, colors, and weaving techniques to create a bold and masculine bracelet.


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